what size tampon should I use?

What size tampon should I use?

How you do pick a tampon size when you can’t even tell how much you’re bleeding? It seems like tampons come in a bunch of different sizes and different brands but it’s actually super regulated. Light:  6 grams of blood or less (1.2 teaspoons) Regular: 6 to 9 grams of blood (1.2 to 1.8 teaspoons) Super: 9 to 12 grams …

How do you use a tampon?

To put it simply – you put the absorbent (cottony) part into your vagina. Some tampons come with applicators, some don’t, there are all different sizes and scents – what are you really supposed to do? Let’s break it down by type: Applicator Tampons The tampon is going to be in a plastic or cardboard tube. When you push one …


Where does a tampon go?

Into the vagina – the same place the period blood comes out. It’s the middle hole when you’re looking or feeling down there. And don’t be shy if you’re unsure which hole. Take a mirror and squat over it. Or take a picture, but make sure to delete that ASAP off your phone. Do you need help putting a tampon …


What is a tampon?

Tampon means just some cotton-like material that acts as a plug in your vagina. It works by absorbing period blood from your uterus before it leaves the body. Women have been using tampons for CENTURIES – using stuff like paper, cloth, and moss for their periods. The tampons we have now are much more absorbent and recently there’s even organic/biodegradable …


How do I make my own tampon?

One of our favorite people, Danielle Henderson, editor of Rookie mag, has a hilarious article about making your own tampon out of toilet paper in emergencies. There isn’t a single medical textbook that talks about that but, we’ve all been there! Doing the awkward waddle where you’re trying to walk AND keep your legs closed at the same time hoping …


My tampon is stuck! I can’t find my tampon!

You could have SWORN you took it out…but, what if you didn’t? What if the tampon just stays in you forever and travels around your body. What if you’re forever known as tampon girl? FUN FACT! That can’t happen! The vagina is an enclosed space. There’s only one way out and that’s the way it went in.


How long can tampons stay in?

It depends on how absorbent they are – or how much blood it can hold. On the side of box, there’s a handy chart, but for most of us, we pay attention to what it says on the front. Light, Regular, Super, Super Plus, Ultra, Ultra Plus – every brand is different. How do you know what’s for you? Practice.