How do I make my own tampon?

One of our favorite people, Danielle Henderson, editor of Rookie mag, has a hilarious article about making your own tampon out of toilet paper in emergencies. There isn’t a single medical textbook that talks about that but, we’ve all been there! Doing the awkward waddle where you’re trying to walk AND keep your legs closed at the same time hoping that you’re not bleeding through your pants. 🤦

The problem with toilet paper is that it’s designed to break apart when it’s wet. Tampons absorb blood AND stay together – allowing them to be pulled out in one piece. Sticking a wad of toilet paper up there is worrisome because it might not all come out. It’s safer to take a bunch of toilet paper and put it in your underwear as a temporary pad.

And if you do stick a bunch of toilet paper up your vagina, please please please take it out as soon as you can and put a regular tampon or pad on.

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