Cervical Cap


Cervical caps are little round silicone barriers that prevent sperm from going into the uterus where it would meet the egg. It’s similar to a diaphragm. You put it in before sex (along with spermicide – a cream that kills sperm) and no one will know that you have it in. You can get it set up hours before you have sex so you don’t have to stop the action to put one in (it’s hard to stop once you get started – we know) It doesn’t work (as well) without spermicide. Don’t use one if you’re allergic to silicone. Also, you need to keep it in for at LEAST six hours after you have sex. And if you have sex again, you need to get more spermicide. Aside from reloading the spermicide, you can wash and reuse the cervical cap until forever. Learn how to put one in here.

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